A Background of Online Multiplayer Gaming

A Background of Online Multiplayer Gaming


Online gaming is greater than a quarter of

a hundred years old. No other type of get away has adapted and motivated technology

as quickly . In the seventies, engineers dialed up their organization mainframes

to type their way through a casino game of WUMPUS as disco raged on the air.

In the eighties, hobbyists exchanged chat and chess techniques while punk rockers

slam-danced on MTV. The nineties brought the web and networked PCs

to the mainstream and anyone could check out a virtual universe as a Grunge soundtrack

kept beat.

Text-based games

Prior to the advent of computers and wide area systems, users

dialed up mainframe personal computers via modems and terminals. When these machines

weren't busy with the weighty calculations of universities, aerospace

companies, and various government companies, a few cycles were


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