A Character Review of Malvolio in Twelfth Night

A Character Analysis of Malvolio in Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night - Character study: Malvolio

Character review: Malvolio: Did he are worthy of the punishment that he received?

The character Malvolio (meaning literally After all ill will) is quickly affected by the implications of his brand. His personage is usually implied directly to be among negative and relatively disagreeable nature, which is continued and supported through the entire play, resulting in his downfall and mockery which both primarily appear to be completely deserved, due to his different defects of personality.

The first proof Malvolios undesirable disposition includes his own first overall look in the play where he makes a spot of insulting the wit and cleverness of Feste I marvel your ladyship takes take pleasure in such a barren rascal. Through performing this he shows himself to be guy who condescends to the ones that he believes to be lower than him at all, by functioning on his own private belief of superiority, which later becomes a significant person in his downfall.

Initial impressions are reinforced by further more vices in Malvolios general character and these bring about further more aversion to him. He reveals himself to become a strict puritan which can be suggested by the judgment of Maria The devil a puritan that he's. He denies himself indulgences and pleasure whilst as well begrudging these exact things of others. He makes a spot of acquiring the moral large ground over Maria, Feste and moreover,


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