Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm by George Orwell

English ISP Commentary - Animal Farm


extract hails from George Orwell’s novella, Animal


in fact it is the primary incident of corruption stated in the book.

Therefore, it really is significant to the novella because it foreshadows the

impending corrupted activities of the pigs. Before this extract, the

pigs acquired milked the cows but hadn't shared this milk with the other

animals, plus they also took all of the windfall apples. This excerpt is

the justification of such activities. Squealer, an eloquent pig that

serves as the pigs’ spokesperson, sometimes appears persuading the other

pets or animals that the pigs’ apparently greedy actions are actually

benefiting them. Through the consumption of punctuation and repetition,

Orwell advances the total plot and foreshadows the near future events

that will happen in his novella.


plays an essential part in this extract by emphasizing an integral idea of

the entire book. Almost all of the sentences end with an interval, as seen in

the center of the 1st paragraph and the complete second paragraph.

However, the start and closing of the first of all paragraph have

extensive make use of punctuation marks such as for example question marks,

exclamation marks, commas and quotation marks which contrasts with

all of those other excerpt. “Yes, Jones would keep coming back! Surely,

comrades,” cried Squealer” demonstrates the emphasis of the

passage with the application of punctuation. These parts fine detail the purported

selfishness of the pigs and an


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